Appearances are Everything!

Now, while you don’t have to be a supermodel to work here at Grabserve, you do have to know that appearances are everything. That is, where your premises is concerned!

Whether your premises is a domestic property, a commercial property, an industrial property or even an area of a town centre, it will still be expected to look its best even when you are in the middle of project. Passers-by and visitors don’t want to be confronted by dust and other unsightly looking waste, especially when that waste is something that could cause an accident! You would be surprised how many slips, trips and falls are caused by stray debris around project sites!

So what is the solution? Of course, there is always the option of a skip, but skips come with their very own little set of disadvantages.

First, a skip only has a limited amount of space, so what happens when your project waste starts building up and your skip isn’t emptied on time? The answer is either (a) spend extra money on a second skip, and wait around for the permit to get it (b) start causing an obstruction by placing stray waste around the skip, or elsewhere on site (c) carry on filling the skip to dangerous heights, causing a potential health and safety risk.

This is why grab hire services are so essential.

Grab trucks are essentially skips on wheels, with the added advantage of being a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more convenient. They will turn up exactly when you need them to and take away your project waste immediately, meaning obstructions around your site are kept to a minimum and health and safety risks are prevented. If you choose grab hire services from Grabserve the grab trucks at your disposal even come complete with 6m reach cranes, meaning your designated pickup area can be virtually anywhere!

If you are heading up a project and looking for an alternative to a skip that will keep your site looking its best (and safest!), don’t hesitate to contact us about grab hire in Manchester today. We have been supplying grab wagons to Manchester, Warrington, Stockport and the wider North West for almost twenty years, so we are perfectly placed to offer a quality service that is truly comprehensive and convenient.