Happy New Year from Grabserve!

We thought we’d take the opportunity to say “Happy New Year” from all of us here at Grabserve!

We have decided to take the New Year as our chance to make some changes (as you might be able to tell from our new look website) and to ensure we are one step ahead of our rivals – as always! But that’s not all; although all we can say at the moment is that 2014 is going to be a big year for us here at Grabserve. All will be revealed soon though, so we won’t keep you on tenterhooks for too long!

For now, here’s a little more information about Grabserve and our grab hire services.

Grab Wagons Save Time and Money

It goes without saying that most projects involve some level of waste disposal. For example, construction initiatives, road works, landscaping projects and other such endeavours generate a lot of waste that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, and in the most efficient manner. One possible solution is to invest in skips, which are usually the first thing to spring to mind and which can initially appear to provide the perfect solution. However, there are times when these containers just aren’t appropriate.

For example, if you are undertaking a busy project that is creating a lot of waste, then you might not want to concern yourself with skip sizes and obtaining a special permit from your local council. It can also be tricky to lift everything into these metal containers, a task which takes up significant time and effort. This is where grab hire services come into their own. Much more flexible, affordable and a lot less time consuming, this service is a great alternative to the usual skips.

What’s more, you don’t need to get permission from your local authority to utilise grab hire services and can simply keep adding to waste piles in anticipation of the arrival of the grab lorry (but please check with us first on which materials we can take).

Here at Grabserve, we’re proud to provide grab wagons and grab trucks across Manchester, fitting as much waste on board our vehicles, as we are legally permitted to carry. Fast and efficient, our grab wagons take the hassle out of the disposal of even large objects and come in very handy when it comes to clearing fly tips! The process is just as simple as it sounds, meaning you can spend more time focussing on other tasks rather than worrying about waste clearance.

If you’re in need of grab wagons and grab hire in Manchester to help with aggregates removal and more, call our friendly team on 0161 962 2921 today so we can discuss your personal requirements.