What's new at Grabserve?

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I haven't written for a long time as things have been crazy busy round here and the boss has been making me work hard!  

So, we have been making some HUGE investments here at Grabserve.  We have bought some new machinery that is making us a lovely top soil and we have bought some brand new Grab Wagon's to ensure we have fewer breakdowns.

We have also installed on board weighers on all our vehicles so you know exactly what you are getting delivered or having taken away.

So many 6 wheel Grab Lorry companies around Manchester claim to be able to carry 15t, but this is not only untrue but illegal too.  All 6 wheelers are 26t gross vehicles, which means once you factor in the net weight of the lorry the actual load you can legally carry will be around 12t depending on the body of the truck.  People say they can carry more to let you believe you are getting better value for money, but we believe in honesty and have invested in the on board weighers on all our Grab Wagons to remain as open and honest as possible.

Should you need 15t carrying we have also invested Tipper Wagons to service all our Manchester and surround area projects.