• Grit Sand
  • Building Sand
  • Pipe Bedding 10mm & 20mm
  • Topsoil (various grades)
  • MOT type 1 (limestone)
  • MOT type 1 (recycled)
  • 6F2 (crushed concrete)

Aggregates & Top Soil


Working closely with Nationwide House builders as well as small local Landscapers for many years – Grabserve have become topsoil specialists around Manchester and it is one of our best selling products all year round. Grabserve have a wide variety of Topsoil to meet the varied needs of a wide spectrum of customers.

Should you have a particular Specification to meet, Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will strive to meet your requirements.

We have topsoil available in our yard for almost every application, we can also offer a backfilling service.




Limestone MOT Type 1 is a quarried product and is literally crushed limestone. It is our best selling aggregate and we always have this in stock. For preparing an even surface for Asphalt driveways and roads and meets all Department of Transport specifications, MOT Type 1 is a must for high quality paths and is the most commonly used granular sub base for building paths, we can deliver aggregates to anywhere in Manchester, Salford, Warrington, Stockport, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

We can also supply this in a recycled product which works really well and is very cost effective.


Grit sand is used for mixing to make concrete, under paving, lawn top dressing, screeding floors and many other uses. Grit sand is normally used where more strength and less flexibility are required. It has a courser large aggregate in clay mix.  

10 & 20 mm PIPE BEDDING

We can supply 10/20mm pipe bedding, both quarried and as a recycled product. It lends itself best to protecting pipes in ducts before a larger stone is laid.


We have some high quality 6F2 which is always in stock.

We stock a huge range of both quarried and recycled aggregates, if you don't see what you are looking for please get in touch, we supply most aggregates to our Manchester customers and will do our best to source your requirements.